Reaching my Goals

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I am a Syrian refugee and I live in Canterbury. I arrived in the UK 2 years ago and since then I have been working in the beauty domain and always wanted to improve myself in order to improve my situation and my income. I approached Restart because I wanted to do a course which I could not afford, and I knew it will help me reach my goals. I was surprised with what Restart offered to help and how fast and efficient they were dealing with my application and the result was amazing as I am due to take the course next week. This course will hopefully have a big impact on my life in general and my job in particular as it will open the doors for more opportunities and chances to have more comfortable and flexible job as well as increasing my income. I was planning to try and save money to take the course next year but thanks to Restart I am now on one step closer to my goals in a shorter period of time. I found the whole concept very supporting and helpful and the whole procedure of getting the loan was very easy and straight forward which makes the experience less stressful.

I would highly recommend Restart to anyone who seeks help and is trying to settle down and re-establish their lives in the UK. At the end I cannot thank Restart enough for being very helpful and supportive and positive toward me and my family.