A little support goes a long way

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‘I was born into a well-educated family in a country with a magnificent history and great culture. I was a confident person and working hard to pursue my dreams. Then my life took a turn and I seek asylum then went through the uncertainly, tremendous stress and fear for my life. When I was granted a refugee status, I did not know where to go or what to do. I sometimes faced discriminations because of my status but being alone in a country far from home without accessing to any resources can be devastating. I work very hard as a labour to build a very basic home for myself but never stop thinking of following my dreams.  When I heard about Restart Refugee Support it brought me hope. Restart Refugee Support is the place of hopes for those who never give up no matter how tough their life becomes. It took less than three weeks from the moment I sent my request until I received the loan. I am now very optimistic about my future and looking forward to working where my passion is.’