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For Supporters


Support us Financially

Restart is currently fundraising to replenish our loan fund. We have a long waiting list of applicants that need our help. You can support them with a small (under 1k) or large (over 1k) donation, or by lending us money. 100% of funds will be used to make interest-free loans.

Give your time and skills

Operations Volunteers

We are always looking for individuals who are willing to contribute their time and skills to the running and development of Restart. If you have admin, PR, communications, IT skills, or fundraising etc., we would love to hear from you!


Another way to support our clients is through Mentoring. In our experience clients do much better when they have someone to help them on their integration journey.

Please complete the form below and a relevant person of our team will be in touch shortly.

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I am a refugee and overseas dentist who wants to do my requalification dental exams to be able to practice dentistry here in the UK. It seemed impossible as the exams are too expensive until I came across the Restart loan, which is run by a very friendly helpful team who are flexible and always willing to help. Many thanks to you, without your help I would not be able to complete my journey.

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