How To Apply


Step 1. Eligibility Form

Please complete the eligibility form and we will let you know if you are eligible to apply for a Restart Loan.

Name *
When did you recieve your refugee status?
When did you recieve your refugee status?
Can you access a loan elesewhere?
If you are applying for a business loan, have you got a business plan?
Yes No, I need help with developing one

Step 2. Full Application Form

Once you have submitted the Eligibility Form we will determine if you can proceed to full application. Don’t complete the full application form before we advise you to do so. When completed please email it to us by email to along with your business plan (for business applicants only) and other supporting documents.


Step 3. Interview

We will assess your application and supporting documents and will let you know if you are successful. Successful applicants are progressed to interview stage. The interview stage will consist of semi-structured interviews via WhatsApp or other electronic medium. If face-to-face interview is necessary, then travel expenses for applicants will be funded. If successful at the interview stage, we will write to offer you a sum of money along with any conditions which may have to be fulfilled prior to sending you an agreement. If you choose to accept our offer, we will send you our loan agreement.