Rebuilding Lives

Through Interest Free Loans

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Restart Refugee Support

Refugees arrive in the UK with a range of extraordinary assets, formidable drive to restart their lives, and resilience in the face of adversity. At Restart believe that being a refugee is not a perpetual state of victimhood or want. It is a difficult period in one's life that is overcome by creating an enabling environment and opportunities for refugees to start again.

Through the use of interest-free loans, advice and signposting, we aim to enable our clients to utilise such capacities in their new communities. We are in the business of identifying and utilising situations that benefit both refugees and their host countries. 

‘Restart as its name the name suggests is an incredible opportunity to start a new life. There are no words that can explain how valuable the job you are doing is. From my experience you turned my despair to hope. I am eager and ready to pursue my career again because of your programme.’