A power couple!!!


At Restart we had the pleasure of supporting a Syrian couple with their requalification costs. The husband, Dany is a dentist and had been practicing as a dental nurse when we first met him, and Nour a beautician who had the opportunity to increase her income and her skill set by undergoing additional training. We progressed their cases quickly and they have since gone from strength to strength. Dany is now a fully qualified dentist and Nour has had the opportunity to partner in the beautician she works for.

This is what they say about Restart:

‘‘I recently passed my ORE2 exam which opens the door to a totally new chapter of my life.

The exam is very stressful starting from applying to set the exam through to booking the exam and appearing in it without mentioning that this exam is very expensive.

Thanks to Restart I did not have to worry about the cost as they paid on my behalf as an interest-free loan. They have also introduced me to people who were very helpful in guiding me about the exam and about real life jobs.

I tried to book the exam in July but unfortunately, I could not and I was very disappointed and my morals were down on the day. However, I received an email from Stephen who is the founder of Restart saying "I am so sorry that you could not sit. The delay will allow more practice and help guarantee future success" those are simple words yet very encouraging and although they are simple, many people would not even take the time to send an email. This email made feel that these people really want to help and it's not only about funding people they also care about you and genuinely wish you success.

The process of getting the loan was very smooth and straight forward, a simple application form followed by a very friendly skype interview and that is it. I would like to thank Maggie who is always there to help, support and answer any queries. I would also like to thank Stephen for personally being helpful and supportive and all the people who work in this amazing organization helping people reach their goals and dreams.

In the end, words are not enough to thank you guys because your emotional support and financial help are absolutely extraordinary’’

We are so happy to be able to help them both!!

Restart Refugee Support