Refugees arrive in their destination country with two extraordinary assets, a tremendous capacity to build resilience in the face of adversity and a formidable drive to start a new life. Cultivating this potential rests in part on the ability of governments and NGOs to economically and socially integrate refugees rapidly. Integration however presents a considerable challenge, not least because of the limited resources available to do so.

Our vision is to see newcomers thrive and become full, participating members of our shared communities. We believe that being a refugee is not a perpetual state of victimhood or want. It is a difficult period in one's life. The person who emerges, what they do, what they contribute, and the gains their host communities can reap, is more fluid and dependent on the groundwork laid. A significant proportion of those entering the UK have skills and experience in various professions and trades and have thus the resilience and creativity required to make a positive impact if provided with the right support. 

It is our aim is to help them to restart their careers in the new environment. Our services are focused on facilitating refugees’ own efforts in becoming self-reliant by providing cost-free loans for activities which lead to durable economic integration. Loans, bundled with mentorship where necessary, are offered to individuals for the purposes of labour market integration, or business start-up and development. This approach presents a dignified way of assisting displaced/resettled populations as they do not promote a culture of handouts, but rather aims to enable people to become economically active.  It also fills an important gap as it makes available a range of funds to refugees that are not normally available due to lack of access to financial services.

Although there are no borrowing costs associated with the loan, there is an expectation of future repayment. The timing and feasibility of this repayment will be assessed on an individual basis via evaluation of periodic reports which are submitted to us by the beneficiaries. These periodic reports help us to retain a relationship with loan recipients and identify if additional help is needed. 

We commit to reusing (recycling) any repaid funds in the programme area which will enable us to lend the same funds many times over. Consequently, the impact of the repayable assistance is greater than the initial amount. It is important not to confuse RRS with other financial instruments such as microfinance even though the basic mechanism of both schemes is similar. 



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