Applicant Eligibility, applicants must demonstrate the following: 

  • They have been granted refugee status 
  • They are recent arrivals to the UK 
  • They are geographically stable and settled 
  • They have permission to and are able to work 
  • They have adequate English language and digital literacy
  • They have professional skills they are able to evidence by documentation, or demonstrate in an interview 


Eligible costs, the loan is to be used for the following purposes:

  • Seed capital for business startups and business development  
  • Expenses relating to professional re-qualification and accreditation

 (if unsure whether your costs are eligible, please send us an email to enquire)


Loan Parameters:  

  • There is no interest associated with the RRS
  • There are no fees of any kind, and you will not be asked for any upfront payments 
  • The loan amount is repayable by the beneficiary and the maximum amount is that of the sum originally borrowed
  • The 'grace period' is between 3 and 24 months and will be detailed in the offer letter prior signing the loan agreement
  • The term (duration) of the RRS loan is not fixed and will be determined based on feasibility of repayment (affordability)
  • Repayments are to be ‘recycled’, i.e. to be used to make further loans to other beneficiaries
  • Repeat loans will be considered in some circumstances 
  • There is no requirement for collateral
  • There is no requirement for equity
  • There is no requirement for guarantor
  • Maximum and minimum amounts of the RRS will be set on individual basis and determined by the purposes for which the funds are to be used


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