1. Complete and send the 'Am I eligible?' form available on the website. We will respond to you suggesting whether or not you should submit the full application 

2. If we have responded stating that you should proceed with the application, please complete the full application form (downloadable from the website) and ensure that you have answered all the questions and given all the information requested. Ensure all requested documentation is scanned and attached before submission. Your application may be rejected or delayed if we do not have all the information that we need.  

3. Submission of application: Please email your application and supporting documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

4. We will assess your application and supporting documents and will let you know if you are successful. Successful applicants are progressed to interview stage.  

5. Interview stage will consist of semi-structured interviews via Skype or other electronic media. If one-to-one interview is necessary then travel expenses for applicants will be funded. 

6. If successful at the interview stage we will write to offer you a sum of money along with any conditions which may have to be fulfilled prior to sending you an agreement 

7. If you choose to accept our offer we will send you the contractual agreement. 

8. Once we receive the signed agreement we will proceed to disburse the funds to the bank account you have provided  

9. Please note that periodic and annual review of beneficiary situation and ability to repay the interest-free loan are a requirement or this loan and failure to report may lead to demand for immediate repayment of funds 

10. If you are deemed to be in a position to begin repayments, a tailored repayment arrangement will put in place by you and the loan managing authority 


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